Paragon Center
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Paragon Center is one of the largest poured in place and pre-cast concrete jobs completed in South Florida to date. Specifications called for 240,000 sq ft tower with 20 individual corners per slab. With an exacting curtain wall exterior, no deviation was allowed per slab of more than 3/8 of an inch. In addition, the crescent shaped 7 story garage was a continuously sloped structure with solid shear walls at the center. On the parking structure and tower, separate crews were assigned to sheer walls, slabs, columns and pre-cast floor joists in assembly line fashion. CCSI handled all concrete work, rebar, forming, concrete placement, excavation and compaction on the garage and the tower and completed a 14 month job in 10 months.

Class "A" Office Building Concrete: 21,000 cubic yards
Reinforced Steel: 14,000 tons